Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant

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Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant is a hidden treasure located at the delightful One Bangsar. The area consists of beautifully designed bungalows that houses a variety of restaurants. Cungdinh is amongst one of the notable restaurants at One Bangsar. Its authentic Vietnamese cuisine together with its excellent service and reasonable prices is one reason why people keep coming back for more.

Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant

Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant

o         The Vibe

Its interior design is derived from a traditional Vietnamese palace (the English translation to its name) but it is kept contemporary to keeps things up to date. If you’re not sure what traditional Vietnamese palace interior looks like, it is sort of similar to Chinese décor. The spacious layout makes for comfortable dining and the balcony provides a cool and calm atmosphere during the night.

o         The Food

Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant prides itself with its authentic Vietnamese cuisine and they should be proud of it. Everything on the menu is fascinating from start to finish. If you’re not well versed with the Vietnamese language or the food, here’s a guide to what’s good to order.

The Chao Tom Grilled Minced Prawn with Sugar Cane is an excellent way to begin the meal. This dish is basically a spring roll and the fascinating part about it is that it’s a do-it-yourself spring roll. The ingredients consisting of mint leaves, basil leaves, banana, star fruit, prawns, noodles and rice paper are served and they are all fresh. To create the spring roll is a very easy process. Lay out a portion of each ingredient onto the rice paper and just roll. Word of caution: The mint leaves gives a strong tang so you might want to minimize on this if you’re not a fan of mint. The end result is a flavourful spring roll that is healthy and fresh.

Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant

Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant

If you prefer to keep your hands clean, the Chaca La Vong is another option. It is fried fish fillet with dill that is served with sesame rice crackers. Another traditional Vietnamese dish that is colourful and filled with fresh ingredients. The fish is absolutely delicious and even though it is fried, it isn’t oily and fatty. The fresh vegetables and the nuts compliment the dish very well. It is served with Vietnamese belacan (a type of chilli) that is different from the local belacan. The belacan is pungent but possesses a flavour that is unconventionally tasty.

Once you’re done with the appetizers, try the Bun Bo Hue, Spicy Hue Style Rice Noodle Soup. Once again, another dish that is a major hit. The noodles are smooth and silky. Its texture is unlike the regular noodles you get with local food. Fresh greens are used once again for this delicious but healthy dish. Other ingredients include bean sprouts, banana flowers, basil leaves, mint leaves and beef. When added together, you get a bowl of silky smooth noodles that is bursting with flavour. Who says you can’t get healthy and delicious in one dish?

Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant

Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant

If you’re adventurous, order the salted lime juice to go with your meal. This interesting beverage is called Nuoc Chanh Muoi. The lime is soaked in salt water for months and the end result is a drink that is refreshing and delightful. It goes very well with every dish and works as a sort of inhibitor for the spicy dishes.

o          The Service

Service at Cungdinh is excellent. The well trained staff is friendly and attentive. Food is served on time by the pleasant and polite service staff. A handful of the staff is from Vietnam which gives the restaurant more character.

SD Food Advisor’s take on Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant

It is a delight to find a restaurant that prides itself in its culinary art. If it is halal authentic Vietnamese Cuisine you are looking for, you have found the place. Prices are reasonable considering that it is a ‘fine dining’ restaurant. With its charming atmosphere, excellent service, reasonable prices and the fascinating and delicious food, Cungdinh is definitely out to make a statement as one of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Vietnamese or otherwise.


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