Planetarium Negara

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The National Planetarium or more locally known as the Planetarium Negara, is a picturesque building made up of a blue-domed structure that sits atop a hill at Jalan Perdana. It was opened on 7 th February 1994 and boasts of a Space Theatre, Space Science Exhibit, Resource Centre, Viewing Gallery and an Observatory Park all within its midst.

This centre is a smart combination of advanced technology and traditional Islamic architecture. Gracing visitors with high-tech resources and educational entertainment, the National Planetarium retains the roots of tradition and dishes a healthy dose of local culture to all who visits. Space Science Studies is a proud effort on the centre’s part to stimulate awareness of science and its wondrous inventions.

Planetarium Negara

Planetarium Negara

Taking up a fully-utilized 32 acres of land, the National Planetarium naturally belongs to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Malaysia. The area of the building spans 120,000 square feet, and is just the place to be for learning young minds and their families!

The National Planetarium may be reputed to be an educational place, but don’t let that one assumption throw you off an adventurous ride. Its fascinating facilities are fun to explore and extremely worthwhile to spend an afternoon at. Here, you will learn interesting facts about the Universe, the galaxy, the solar system, our very own planet Earth, and so many others. One of its many attractions is the Space Theatre, which screens Space Science and Sky shows daily.

The Planetarium’s other interesting features include the “Mystery of Maya” and “Legend of the Night Sky”; both equally great ways to learn more about space and other things that lie secreted in its orbits. The cinema inside the Space Theatre shows a different movie everyday for an appealing variety. Outside of the Space Theatre, the Planetarium also offers great ‘space travel’ displays for all budding young astronauts to pore over. Space science exhibits are displayed along the walkway of the main hall, and are guaranteed to wow both the young and old. One popular exhibit is the Arianne IV space engine; originally one of the engines used to launch into space MEASAT 1, Malaysia’s first ever satellite! You can also opt to get hands-on knowledge on the Shuttle Spaceball; experience zero gravity that an astronaut feels when in space! An Observatory Park is equipped with a 14-inch telescope where visitors can view the whole stretch of galaxy and its planets. Visitors should make a trip to the Observatory Park on a full-moon day just for the view; it is truly a spectacular sight to behold!

The National Planetarium is connected to the National Museum by an overhead pedestrian bridge. Tour the National Planetarium and be infinitely amazed by what technology can put on show for you here! The centre is open everyday from 10am to 4pm except for Mondays, and the Space Shows screen at three convenient show times throughout the day at 11am, 2pm and 4pm. Adults and children pay RM3 and RM2 each respectively. As for the Space Movies, it is RM6 a piece for adults and RM4 for children.


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