Pucuk Rebung Museum Gallery

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The Pucuk Rebung Museum Gallery is located on Jalan Tun HS Lee, Kuala Lumpur and provides a unique browsing environment for visitors. It houses an extensive collection of Malaysian art and artifacts from the historic ages, with special focus on the olden Malay word. The museum gallery also includes an astonishing variety of antique fabric displays, metalwork, jewelry, wood & fibre exhibits, paper and photo collections, porcelain & pottery ceramics, a dazzling array of glass & crystal; along with contemporary art from modern societies around the nation. Visitors can even acquire treasures at affordable pricing to enhance the collectors’ archives; or pick up souvenirs and enjoy being surrounded by the eminent collection of early exhibits from the days of the start of the millennium!

Muzium Galeri Pucuk Rebung

Muzium Galeri Pucuk Rebung

The Pucuk Rebung Gallery Museum is living testimony that a museum gallery such as itself, need not be a snotty archive of uninteresting relics but an appealing venue for visitors to get in touch with culture! More importantly, the museum helps boost the existing little knowledge we all have of our nation’s treasures.

Featuring a cultured array of items mostly from around Malaysia, the journey down the Pucuk Rebung Museum Gallery halls begin from the Bronze Age, right down to post-colonial times and now. Antique pieces as well as art works and handicrafts are tastefully displayed and informative to the public as to the whereabouts of their origins. The museum gallery collection mostly hails from Sabah & Sarawak, the Eastern part of the peninsula, and also right here within West Malaysia.

Muzium Galeri Pucuk Rebung

Muzium Galeri Pucuk Rebung

A gallant walk through the Pucuk Rebung Museum Gallery exhibits enables visitors to see for themselves how far and in-depth our nation has developed throughout the many eras until now.

One fascinating exhibition in particular is the Peranakan jewelry collection, which spans a timeless journey from as early as the 1900s until the 1930s. Its varied and charming displays range from necklaces (rantai-rantai) to kerongsangs and even corsages. The silverware is one of the displays that is highlighted for its intricate designs on delicate tea sets. There is also an uncommon range of decorative items made out of a mixture of wood and silver. These replicas, amongst other decorative items and fabrics, pose a substantial interest in the souvenir department and prices can range up till quite a surmountable sum. Serious antique collectors can also view and choose to purchase various cotton & silk based songkets from Terengganu, seamlessly sewn and handpicked from traditional weavers.

The Pucuk Rebung Museum Gallery is open on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11am to 630pm and admission is free for all. Those planning on a visit to the museum gallery can also contact 03-2382 0769 for further queries.


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