Vansh Restaurant

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Star Hill Gallery houses some of the very best in Kuala Lumpur restaurants and Vansh is amongst one of those honoured tenants. Serving authentic Indian Cuisine, Vansh aims to spice up your life with its vibrant, colourful and mouth watering dishes.

Vansh Restaurant

Vansh Restaurant

o         The Vibe

The best way to describe the interior at Vansh is modern Indian. Vibrant colours of orange, yellow and red brings life to the place. Comfortable dining areas are nicely spread across the restaurant without making it too cluttered and suffocated. The décor is one that is unique with mud walls and beaded lights. It is romantic yet chic, classy yet comfortable. It is the perfect blend of authentic Indian arts and culture with modern urban sophistication.

Vansh Restaurant

Vansh Restaurant

o         The Food

The menu is pretty extensive with a bunch of illustrations for you to feast your eyes on. The Karara Kebab is a good way to start the meal. It is succulent lamb kebabs stuffed with cheese. Sort of like a Chinese spring roll packed to the brim with lamb and cheese. A unique way to begin the meal and a definite must try. The Honey Kulzza is also a crowd favourite. It is a fresh fluffy bread topped with a sweet spread of honey, tomatoes, coriander and onion seeds. With such a blend of ingredients it comes as no surprise that this dish has a strong and vibrant fragrance as well as taste. It resembles a pizza but the flavours are authentically Indian.

The Vindaloo is a famous Indian dish that comes in a choice of chicken, lamd or prawn. It is basically a spicy Indian curry that is flavoured with a variety of herbs and spices. Now this is a dish that should come with a warning sign as it is spicy and not for the light hearted. But the texture of the curry and the tenderness of the meat is just delightful. If you prefer a rice dish, the Chicken Sofyani Biryani is highly recommended. Tender chicken is cooked in a creamy marinade and served with basmali rice. The chicken is hidden beneath so make sure you dig deep. You don’t want to finish the rice and finally realize that the chicken was hiding at the bottom all this while.

Vansh Restaurant

Vansh Restaurant

What’s a visit to an authentic Indian restaurant without trying their infamous naan. At Vansh, there’s an option of plain naan, butter naan or garlic naan. The butter naan is delicious and once you pop, you might not stop. It is best ordered with the Dal Makhni which is a unique dahl that uses black urad lentils and tomatoes. It is simmered overnight so you can roughly tell that Vansh is very dedicated to their food. The end result is a silky thick broth that goes well with everything on the menu.

o          The Service

At Vansh you can expect top class service. From the entrance all the way to the exit, the friendly and attentive service staff is ready and willing to tend to your every need.

SD Food Advisor’s take on Vansh @ Star Hill Gallery

Vansh is the epitome of authentic Indian Cuisine in a classy and comfortable setting. It’s a change from the roadside stalls as well as the 24 hour mamaks and the food here is a class above as well. Prices are reasonable and portions are slightly larger than what you’d imagine. Bonus points to Vansh for being able to create an atmosphere that comfortable and cosy as well as food that is deliciously spicy. Truly a unique feast for the eyes and the taste buds.


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