Qba Latin Grill & Bar

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Qba is a restaurant, wine and cigar bar which is located within Westin Hotel on Jalan Bukit Bintang. With its brilliant setting and its delicious Latin American cuisine, Qba is set to take Kuala Lumpur by storm. It is a Latin grill and bar in every sense of the word.

Qba Latin Grill & Bar

Qba Latin Grill & Bar

o    The Vibe

The restaurant was designed by Singapore based designer, Ed Poole. It is an absolute work of art. Everything is intricately crafted and beautifully decorated in authentic Latin American fashion. Iron cast balustrades, elaborately painted frescoes, wooden panels, chandeliers, blood red curtains and a carved statue of an angel fill up the large space that houses Qba. Just sitting in there makes you feel as if you’ve been transported to Havana, even if it’s just for awhile. The interior is absolutely breath taking and a sight to see. There are two floors to Qba, with the lower level acting as the bar. Upon entering, you’ll pass through the cigar bar that comes complete with leather lounge chairs and shelves filled with the one of the many things Latin Americans are famous for, cigars.

o    The Food

The menu at Qba is ultimately Latin American. They are famous for their skills at the grill which hosts a wide range of steaks, seafood, poultry and lamb. Many of the ingredients are brought in from Latin America itself which just goes to show that Qba is meticulous about the quality and freshness of their food.

Qba Latin Grill & Bar

Qba Latin Grill & Bar

The menu at Qba is separated into five different flavours (courses). Everything listed in the first flavour section sounds absolutely delicious and they truly are. The Mushroom and Poblano Crepes with Manchego Cream Sauce is just delightful. It is a unique dish that blends a thin pancake with mushrooms and the cream sauce is just divine. The other crowd pleaser is the Grilled Scallops and Prawns with Salsa Romesco. The scallops and prawns are fresh and although there are only two of each served, they’re not of the tiny variety. Both are nicely cooked and the Salsa Romesco is a good companion as it gives the dish a slightly smoky finish.

The second flavour section consists of the soups and the Tomato Soup with Avocado, Cheese, Chipotle Peppers and Fried Tortilla would be an excellent choice. With so many different ingredients mixed together, you can expect a vibrant dish in both colour and taste. The fried tortilla bits add a little life into the dish as well.

Qba Latin Grill & Bar

Qba Latin Grill & Bar

The third flavour is the grill section of the menu and it is Qba’s pride and joy. They are well known for their skills at the grills. There’s a wide variety of meats available including the Argentinean “Las Lilas” and the Australian Wagyu. If you know what you want just proceed to choose your meat and style of preparation. All steaks are char-grilled but customers have the option of having it with Latin-marinade or au naturale. If everything just sounds so good, Qba has prepared tasting steak plates where you can sample a variety of the meats in one dish. There’s an option for either the Shorthorn or the Longhorn and we suggest you go all the way with the Longhorn. It is a mix of “Las Lilas”, Wagyu and Black Angus Yearling, an imposing 100gms of each. Absolutely delicious and a must try for all who worship red meat.

Other items in the third flavour menu that deserves mention is the Roasted Rack of Lamb and the Grilled Bresaola Wrapped Salmon with Pickled Red Onions. The lamb is so tender and juicy it is just impossible to forget. The chef has managed to seal in the natural juices with only a thin layer of fat remaining. The Salmon Steak was also a delight as it is wrapped in basil and air dried beef. It is grilled to perfection with the basil giving it a minty aroma and a slight minty after taste.

The fourth flavour is basically a side order menu which consists of the many different sauces that you can use to compliment your main course. The Tequilla Habanero BBQ sauce would be an excellent choice as it adds very well with most of the main courses. In addition to sauces, the fourth flavour menu also includes salsa, salads and vegetables for those who are looking to balance out the meat with some greens.

Finally, the fifth menu. This portion of the menu is the dessert menu and amongst some of the outstanding items are the Coffee Granita and the Guava Cheesecake. Both are absolutely divine in their own way.

o    The Service

Service at Qba is top notch. All members of the staff are well groomed and well mannered. They are polite and accommodating without being intrusive. It was an absolute delight to be in the presence of such well trained staff.

SD Food Advisor’s take on Qba @ Westin Hotel

The interior itself is enough to stun you and the food at Qba is definitely enough to seal the deal. With such generous portions and mouth watering dishes, you’d be hard pressed not to make a repeat visit. Prices are reasonable considering that Qba is located within one of the most prestigious hotels in Kuala Lumpur. It is an ideal place for social functions as well as business dinners. So do stop by at Qba for a memorable dining experience. We’re still talking about it…..


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