Izzi Pizza

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Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Izzi is a relatively new establishment that is growing by the minute. Serving mainly Italian cuisine, Izzi also has an Asian section in their menu to cater to a variety of customers. With a premise that is clearly well rounded, Izzi’s Pizza, Pasta & Coffee is sure to draw in crowds from all walks of life.

Izzi Pizza

Izzi Pizza

o         The Vibe

Izzi’s doesn’t look like much from the outside. Located at the corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Bukit Bintang, it is in the middle of all the excitement and the festivities of the city. The name Izzi itself exudes fun and it shows in the interior of the place. It is simple, hip, cosy and colourful with big screen TV’s and cheerful music to liven up the mood. Most of the restaurant is non smoking but for those who can’t kick the habit, there’s a nice cosy area for smokers to puff it up without disturbing the rest of the customers. The ground floor is usually for casual dining where else the upper levels house a nice lounge for chilling out and a private function room.

o         The Food

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Izzi’s only serves Pizza or Italian food for that matter. There’s a nice Asian section within the menu with local delights such as chicken rice, nasi goreng, wan tan mee and so on. It is perfect for those looking for a quick meal before running back to the office as food is served at lightning speed.

Izzi Restaurant

Izzi Restaurant

There are some interesting items on the menu that deserve a first try. Amongst one of them is the very innovative and creative Cheese Dough Ball. The ball is made out of pizza dough and the trick is the mozzarella and cheddar cheese as well as cream that is pumped into the ball. It is unique and surprisingly light considering the double dose of cheese.

The Fettuccini Con Funghi sounds pretty standard but don’t be fooled. It is served with mushroom and white cream sauce but unlike so many other generic restaurants, the fettuccini isn’t drowning in sauce which makes it easier to swallow. The shrimp is fresh and the chili sign at the menu can be disregarded unless you can’t tolerate even the slightest of spicy. Bonus points to the chef for not mucking up the Fettuccini by over/under cooking it.

For a more local flavour, try the Nasi Goreng which is served with crackers and satay. It is prepared in typical Malaysian fashion but the presentation definitely beats those that you find at the stalls on the sidewalk. If you’re a bit adventurous, add a little sambal belacan to give it that extra kick. Besides, if you’re going to eat Nasi Goreng in Malaysia, do as the Malaysians do; add as much sambal or chili as humanly possible.

Izzi Restaurant

Izzi Restaurant

Dessert is definitely a must at Izzi’s as they serve a wide variety of sweets to satiate your sugar high. The most unique of the desserts would be the Raspberry & Lemon. The outer layer is raspberry mousse with the lemon hiding within. As you dig in, the raspberry is complimented by the lemon tang which balances out the sweet and the sour. Its texture is like jelly and it is light enough for a single person. Another crowd pleaser would be the Chocolate Dome which is highly recommended for all chocolate lovers. The chocolate mousse is soft and smooth and as you keep getting deeper and deeper into the dome, you’ll find a surprise in the middle. A layer of hazelnut biscuit lies in wait at the centre of the dome so make sure you get right in there.

o         The Service

Service is excellent all around. From the car jockey to the floor staff, everything is presented in an orderly fashion. Warm greetings and smiles can be seen all around. Food is served very quickly which would suit the express diners who just want a quick bite. Kudos to the kitchen staff on their efficiency.

SD Food Advisor’s take on Izzi’s

Izzi’s is a nice place to have a relaxed meal without having to put up with the noise and clutter of the city. It might be smack in the centre of everything but once you enter those doors, you can leave all that behind and just enjoy the food in a fun and cosy environment. If you’re into sports, you can take in an hour of ESPN while chomping down on your food as Izzi’s has big screen TV’s for sports enthusiasts. The lounge area on the 1st floor is suitable for chilling with friends over food and beer. Prices are reasonable and you can get away with a proper meal (Italian or otherwise) for as low as RM20. Not bad for a charming place that has both the ambience and the good food.


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