Prego Restaurant

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Don’t be intimidated by the cool and classy exterior of Prego at Westin Hotel. It might seem as if it’s reserved for the upper class but their theme, “Come As You Are”, literally means come as you are. This Italian restaurant boasts an exciting mix of delicious Italian cuisine that is artistically presented in a hip setting.

Prego Restaurant

Prego Restaurant

o The Vibe

Someone mentioned that a trip to Prego is like a trip into a 60’s Sean Connery James Bond movie. It is rightly so as the interior is classy, romantic and Neo-60’s. A mix of wood and metal is used for the interior while deep and dark earth tones are used to balance it out. The open kitchen livens up the place and it’s entertaining as well as educational to watch the kitchen staff prepare the dishes. The ambience might seem upper class but once you’re seated you’ll realize that it is going to be one interesting casual dining experience.

o The Food

We had the pleasure of sampling their five course meal that costs RM188++ per person. It is a very exciting blend of dishes to tantalize and tease your taste buds. While awaiting the first course, you’ll be served with freshly baked bread. Once you pop, you probably won’t be able to stop but do bear in mind that you are awaiting the arrival of 5 courses.

Prego Restaurant

Prego Restaurant

To start your meal, try the Zuppa di Finnochio, loosely translated to Creamy Fennel and Gorgonzola Soup. It comes as no surprise that the soup is creamy but it is actually delightfully tasty as well. Be sure not to overdose on the Gorgonzola all at once as you might be taken aback by its pungent taste. Scoop it up sparingly with each spoonful of soup. Next on the list is the Portobello mushrooms on focaccia bread. It is lightly topped with olive oil, parmesan cheese and served with rocket salad. Basically, its mushroom on toast and this light dish, which looks awfully overwhelming due to the size of those mushrooms, is a good way to satiate the palate before you move on. The following dish got us all talking and it was the Gnocchi (pronounced as noh-kee). For those of you who are familiar with the dish, it needs no introduction. The potato dumplings are a so delicious that you forget about the French prawns that go with it. The potatoes are mashed and then baked which gives is a chewy chee cheong fun like texture. Absolutely amazing. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. The Roast Pigeon was the ultimate closing to an already delightful meal. It can only be described as perfect as it sits comfortably on a bed of greens. Tender, juicy and easy to handle, you’ll fall in love with this bird after the first bite.

Finally, what is a visit to an Italian restaurant if you can’t have dolce. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the tiramisu that was recommended. Instead, we were served the Cheesecake and now we know why they are taken so seriously. It finds a balance without being too overwhelming and mouldy. This imposing hunk of cake (and by that I mean it’s a large serving) is topped with white chocolate and served with raspberry.

o The Service

Service at Prego is excellent. Rest assured you’ll be well taken care of by the attentive and gracious staff. They are also very informative and ready to answer all your questions, be it about the food or about the establishment itself. Do remember to ask for recommendations or just order from the specials if you want to make the most of your dining experience.

SD Food Advisor’s take on Prego

We were so delighted with the food and the service at Prego that we’re already talking about a return visit. Prices are surprisingly reasonable coming from a restaurant within a 5 star hotel. At Prego, you’ll be greeted by a pleasant change as you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of Italian food. The menu is not only plastered with the standard Pasta’s and Pizza’s but it also has some interesting items that are definitely worth the try. So head down to Prego if you want to feel like James Bond and be treated like 007 himself.


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