Tamarind Springs

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Located within the slopes and greenery in Ampang, Tamarind Springs provides a unique dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Klang Valley . Its beauty comes with a purpose and that is to provide diners with a natural setting to go with their meal. Tamarind Springs has gained popularity because of its beautiful location and its Indochinese cuisine is well known all across town. It is a relatively long drive deep into the edge of the city where there is still some semblance of nature left. The area remains untouched and for a moment, it does feel as if you’ve been transported deep into the jungles of a foreign land.

Tamarind Springs

Tamarind Springs

  • The Vibe
    The atmosphere at Tamarind Springs can only be described as exquisite. It retains most of its natural surroundings. With only a narrow walkway leading up to the beautifully crafted restaurants on stilts, it is surrounded by everything that’s green and natural. The interior can be described as traditional with a hint of modern elements. Fashioned with traditional Indochinese decorations, the restaurant exudes a ambience that is pure and calm. If you’re lucky (or some might take it as misfortune), you might be able to spot some wildlife innocently and quietly spying on you while you dine. They are harmless so you can just dismiss them as part of the backdrop along with the sounds and scents of nature.
  • The Food
    The items on the menu might be a tad alarming at first but if you put aside your fear for all things new, you will be pleasantly delighted. The extensive menu boasts a selection of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian cuisine. Not something you’d normally find at the road side stalls around town or the multitude of restaurants that pop up like pimples. It is in a class of its own, unique and absolutely delicious.To get a taste of what Tamarind Springs is all about we suggest ordering Eric Leong’s Favourite Pick which is a dish created in honour of the man himself. It features 4 different types of starters, all unique in its own right. The Salmon parcel with Asian Pesto. It is bursting with salmon aroma and taste and the Asian Pesto gives it its full flavour. The Shrimp Mousse on Baguette is basically a fried prawn cake that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The baked mussel in coconut sauce was a delight as it was fresh and retained its natural juices. Finally, the minced prawns on rice crackers has its own unique taste with a very prominent peanut, caramel and honey topping. Might be an acquired taste to some but if you’re up for a challenge you might find it charming.

    The most striking dish at Tamarind Springs would be the Laotian Seafood Watermelon Soup. Yes, you read it right…Watermelon. We were hesitant at the start but after dipping in you’ll find that the soup is smooth and creamy. We have the coconut milk to thank for that. In addition, it is swimming with a generous amount of prawns, fish cakes and squid. Amidst the seafood you’ll find watermelon slices but alas, after being boiled and stripped of its juices, the watermelon has lost most of its taste. In any case, the soup isn’t as pungent and strong as one might think. It is lightly spiced and sort of like a mild and creamy Tom Yam soup. The end result is a soup that is piquant and zesty. Finally, there’s the Vietnamese Soft Shell Crab that is deliciously crispy. It is beautifully presented on a bed of pomelo fruit which you can enjoy with the crab. All this can be enjoyed with a serving of white rice.

    For dessert, Tamarind Springs has come up with some interesting delights. They have a unique selection of Italian ice cream with flavours such as Chocolate Chilli and Kalamansi. We had the privilege of sampling the Chocolate Chilli and we are delighted with the outcome. Initially, it seems like any ordinary chocolate ice cream. Sweet and cold but the spicy aftertaste comes in after which gives is a strange but welcomed outcome.

  • The Service
    Tamarind Springs is armed with a team that is impressive. They are gracious and attentive with the intention of making your dining experience a memorable one. The menu is pretty extensive and its amazing how they seem to know it by heart. So if you’re looking for top notch service in a top notch restaurant, Tamarind Springs has it all.
Tamarind Springs

Tamarind Springs

SD Food Advisor’s take on Tamarind Springs
SD has been to many different parts of the city sampling different types of cuisine. Armed with all these different experiences, we are able to compare and contrast. Tamarind Springs is definitely one of those places that deserve a return visit. Not only did we fall in love with its beauty, we are also eager to try everything else on the menu as they all sound interestingly delicious. It is not often that we find an authentic Indochinese restaurant that doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is. So if you’re up for a challenge, Tamarind Springs is the place to be. The added bonus is that prices are so reasonable that you won’t even dent your wallet if you make a return visit.


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