Bijan Restaurant

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With their passion to offer a unique dining experience to discerning palates, Bijan, an exquisite Malay restaurant certainly is the place to visit when you crave for authentic Malay Fine Cuisine. Located at Jalan Ceylon , it is indeed a quiet oasis in the heart of Kuala Lumpur , tucked away from the entire buzz of the city. With the award of Best Restaurant by Tourism Malaysia (2004) under their belt, certainly, this is the place you don’t want to miss.

Bijan Restaurant

Bijan Restaurant

  • The Vibe
    With the humble exterior, you will be amazed with their breathtaking interior, an outstanding combination of both traditional and modern décor. Upon entering, you will be greeted with modern lush backdrop of beautiful brown earth tones which is harmonized with traditional batik drapes and finely crafted wood furniture. The warm and serene ambience is perfect to unwind with brilliant food and exquisite wine. Complemented by its hushed lightings and romantic candlelight, Bijan is enchanting by night. Those who prefer to dine alfresco can choose to be seated in the patio and enjoy the cool night.
  • The Food
    Bijan offers an amazing selection of authentic Malay Food, with traditional recipes handed down over the generations, yet served with a twist of modern presentation. To start off with an unforgettable Malay fine dining experience, the Appetizer Platter offers a selection of appetizers that consists of Beef and Chicken Satays, Popiah Goreng, Tauhu Sumbat and Cucur Udang. One of the dishes that stand out is Rusuk Panggang. The Char grilled marinated short ribs is served with pedegil (potato and chicken meat cutlet), sweet soy sauce and sambal belacan. Do not be alarmed by its burnt appearance as the meat underneath is tender with its natural juices locked in. It is simply divine. Pucuk Paku Goreng Tahi Minyak is one of the dishes worth mentioning, as it is a dish of wild fern stir-fried with chili, cara mel ized coconut and shrimp. The cara mel enhances the flavour making the dish somewhat addictive. Do take note that this dish maybe a little spicy for the unsuspecting palate. A dessert certainly is a must have in Bijan as they offer a wide variety of mouth-watering heavenly desserts. The Chocolate Durian Cake is a combination never beyond your wildest dreams. The creamy durian sandwiched with moist chocolate cake and coated in chocolate ganache will leave a lasting impression. For those who are not an aficionado of the pungent durian flavour, the Pandan Pudding is a good choice as an alternative. It is a cream pudding infused with fragrant pandan leaves served with palm sugar syrup (Gula Melaka Syrup). The pudding is akin to a panna cotta, looking scrumptious in a tinge of light green.
  • The Service
    The staff here is indeed friendly lot, effective and attentive to your needs without being over-friendly or intrusive. Their smiles and warm welcomes put you at ease. They will be more than willing to recommend you their in-house specialties and pair it with exquisite wines.
Bijan Restaurant

Bijan Restaurant

SD Food Advisor’s take on
Bijan without a doubt offers a unique dining experience of Malay Fine Dining. With a touch of sophistication, the brilliant creations of the chef and impeccable service, Bijan is the place that will bring you pure satisfaction and imprint an experience that will be etched in your mind. The Malay food is made without overbearing traditional Malay flavours.


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