Maredo’s Steakhouse

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Welcome to Maredo’s Steakhouse! It is said that a vegetarian in Argentina is like a duck out of water and true enough, carnivore’s will get a kick out of Maredo’s Steakhouse which features Argentinean cuisine. The menu houses mostly beef dishes with a small selection of chicken and seafood to cater to those who prefer less of a challenge.

Maredo’s Steakhouse

Maredo’s Steakhouse

o     The Vibe

Upon entering the establishment, one will feel transported to a foreign land. The interior initially resembles that of a typical western steak house with its chequered red and white table cloths and its wooden finishing. It is the pictures on the wall and the blood red and black colours that gives Maredo’s its Argentinean identity. The restaurant is basically casual and that creates the perfect environment to just enjoy the food.

o     The Food

It is said that the average Argentinean Restaurant customer consumes 2 pounds of beef in a single seating so be prepared to be amazed by the portions. It might not be 2 pounds of beef but it is definitely enough to tighten those pants. If you’re an ambitious diner, try the Plato Entradas (mixed appetizer) which is a mixture of crispy prawn salad, sautéed scallop, mussel fritters, asparagus, grilled zucchini, onion rings, avocado, lettuce and capsicum. Sounds like a mouthful and it certainly is so do bear in mind that this starter is meant for 2. The seafood is fresh and mostly deep fried so its crispy on the outside. If you’re not too overwhelmed by the starter, we suggest the Surf & Turf which is grilled strip loin steak and baby lobster. The steak itself is extremely tender and juicy and is best ordered with medium doneness.  It is 250 grams of pure meat that is surprisingly easy to handle. The baby lobster might be tough to maneuver but the ends justify the means. The herb butter compliments the lobster and the steak and gives it the extra kick that it needs. After such a heavy meal, dessert might seem out of the question but if you’re still raring to go, the Mango Mousse would be an interesting choice. It is smooth, creamy and is bursting with mango flavour. It is served with chocolate and strawberry which gives it a mixture of sweet and sour.

Maredo’s Steakhouse

Maredo’s Steakhouse

o     The Service

You’ll be greeted with smiles at the door and all the way through dinner. The service staff is always eager to help in any way they can. They are observant and attentive to your needs without hovering over you.

SD Food Advisor’s take on Maredo’s Steakhouse

All in all, Maredo’s Steakhouse serves some fine steak. The prices might be slightly higher than your average steak house but the food speaks for it. What more, the salad bar is open to any order of a main course and the portions are generous so you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Its strategic location along Jalan P. Ramlee also makes it the perfect venue for dinner before heading out for a night in town as Jalan P. Ramlee is bustling with nightlife activity.


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