Sagano Japanese Restaurant

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Passersby who venture along the second level of the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur hotel will notice this elegantly furnished restaurant that tantalizes all with its aromatic smells that escape from within, giving hints of the feasts that are taking place inside. Welcome to Sagano, the authentic Japanese Restaurant that has once been awarded the Best Fine Dining Restaurant Award in Malaysia , and alongside, has won many hearts, or rather, stomachs as well! Generously spaced and uniquely furnished with a combination of contemporary and Spartan settings; the whole place had a surreal ambience of Japanese authenticity!

Sagano Japanese Restaurant

Sagano Japanese Restaurant

  • The Sagano Feast
    Executive Chef Norio Nomoto has masterfully blended all the kitchens of Japan to bring forth a comprehensive and authentic Japanese gourmet affair to the tables. The Sagano menu is extensive, and lends itself, in the leisurely Japanese tradition, to a series of appraising bites and heartwarming courses that will satisfy you fully, without making you feel satiated. Choices are aplenty as patrons can look forward to a whole assortment of incredibly fresh seafood, delectable meat, warm soups as well as vegetables and warm steamed Japanese rice. For the busy executives that are rushed for time, The Hiru No Set (Set Lunch Menu) is ideal as it packs in a combination of popular Japanese delicacies that will make lunch a quick but still equally delicious affair.
  • What is good
    Commendable was the sashimi spread, which was artistically presented and freshly prepared for our eating pleasure. The freshness of its fish is assured as their sashimi is imported from Japan every week. The platter saw an assortment of salmon, swordfish, tuna and other favourites which were individually tender, subtly sweet and tasted just heavenly. A spritz of lemon served on the side adds a zesty twist to this otherwise subtly flavoured dish. If you are looking to turn up the notch, do add a dash of their creamy wasabi which is guaranteed to spice your meal up.

Also take joy in the intricately presented sushi platters that include a wide selection of delicacies like the crispy soft shell crab, sweetened ebi (prawn), tangy fish roe sushi and many more. Those who do not fancy raw food can delight in the flavourful teppanyaki (grilled) dishes prepared meticulously by the talented Sagano chefs. A particularly tasty choice will be the lightly seasoned teppanyaki chicken that was succulent and mouthwateringly sumptuous to savour. If you are one armed with a big appetite, you will do well to order their generously proportioned sets that combine teppanyaki, sashimi as well as miniature pots of steamed egg, soup and rice to fill your stomach up to the brim! It is as much a feast to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.

  • Private rooms
    With three Tatami rooms, one Teppan Room, and one dining room in addition to the main dining area of the restaurant, Sagano seats 134 patrons comfortably, affording those who would want some intimacy with their beautifully furnished private rooms. Adorned in nothing less than an authentic Japanese style, the Japanese screens and low dining tables were reminiscent of an actual culinary experience in the cherry blossomed lands of Japan itself.
Sagano Japanese Restaurant

Sagano Japanese Restaurant

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Sagano
With its excellent ambience and food, it is easy to love Sagano. The favourable effort placed into making this a choice restaurant can be seen in all aspects; from the carefully designed and decorated interiors, to the exquisitely prepared Japanese delights, right down to the courteous and helpful service staff, everything in Sagano demonstrates the restaurant’s sincerity in offering its patrons a memorable dining experience that provides an enticing invitation for them to come back time and again.


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